An Iconic New Umbrella

We’re honored to collaborate with renowned artist and NYC icon to bring you this new design unlike any other we’ve done before. Personalized by the trailblazing Lady Pink herself, this Limited Edition Stick Umbrella showcases her bold and unique graffiti style in a whole new way.


Featuring the legendary graffiti of Lady Pink while offering NYC-tough protection from the elements.

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Tough Protection Meets Legendary Style

With NYC and its hard-knock lifestyle being the shared backdrop that inspired both Lady Pink's artistic path and Weatherman's conception, we set out to create an umbrella that’s as bold as it is functional. The result? A collaboration that combines the spirit of street art with the toughest weather protection on the scene.

A Pioneer of Graffiti

Lady Pink is a seminal figure in the graffiti scene, renowned for her bold style and thought-provoking pieces. Overcoming numerous obstacles, she became a leading female artist in the male-dominated 80s street art scene, with her works commissioned by major brands and featured in prominent museums. Today, she continues to make an impact by educating young, aspiring artists.