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Each and every Weatherman® is designed with durability in mind and built to last. From a light shower to a major nor'easter, there's an umbrella for all storms.
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Special Edition Umbrellas 

If you’re in the market for a new umbrella, you’re in the right place. Weatherman Umbrellas put a new twist on the classic umbrella. With functional design for durability and comfort, our high quality umbrellas are recognized across various industries for their ability to hold up against Mother Nature’s toughest seasons. We offer a number of styles, including collapsible umbrellas, travel umbrellas, golf umbrellas, and stick umbrellas. Plus – we’ve also created number of special edition umbrellas that are ideal for the avid traveler, golf lover, college student or just about anyone in your life. Each of our high end umbrellas are built to last with careful attention to detail. We are proud to partner with organizations that celebrate a life outdoors, keeping you safe when you take it outside.

The Best Collapsible Umbrella 

Explore our collection of the industry’s best collapsible umbrellas. Designed to easily fit inside your purse or backpack without sacrificing any of the features that make them the most reliable, durable and functional portable umbrellas on the market. Our specialty designs include the Celebration Folds of Honor Collapsible Umbrella, Arnold Palmer Collapsible Umbrella, United Folds of Honor Umbrella and more. 

The Best Stick Umbrellas   

Shop our collection of unique stick umbrellas that combine both practical and smart design with a modern and professional style. Easy to use and built to hold up against the strongest of storms. The Weatherman Stick Umbrella is elevated for the professional, that important event, or keeping you and your dog dry on a wet walk. Our specialty designs include the Celebration Folds of Honor Stick Umbrella and United Folds of Honor Stick Umbrella. We also offer our stick umbrella in a variety of colors.

The Best Golf Umbrella  

Shopping for the golf lover in your life? Our top golf umbrellas are one of the best gifts for golfers. The Weatherman Golf Umbrella has won the Golf Digest Editors’ Choice Award for Best Golf Umbrella for five years in a row since 2018. Boasting UPF 50 sun protection fabric, you can rest assured knowing the umbrella will enable you to play golf comfortably throughout the day. Try our 62 Golf Umbrella or 68 Golf Umbrella, or explore our special edition umbrellas including the Danielle King Golf UmbrellaArnold Palmer Golf Umbrella, Folds of Honor Umbrella, United Folds of Honor Golf Umbrella, or one of our College Umbrellas (considered one of the best umbrellas for college students).  

The Weatherman Difference 

What makes the Weatherman umbrella stand out from other high end umbrellas? Whether you choose a small travel umbrella or one of our large and specially-designed golf umbrellas, we pride ourselves in our careful attention to detail to each product in our collection. After years of engineering and patience, we found the perfect combination of durability, safety, design and comfort to bring you a product you can trust. 

Weatherman is one of the best umbrella brands for delivering an umbrella that is high quality and designed for the long haul. Explore all of our styles and stay tuned for new designs.